HistoryWhat is Tobacco Premium Club?

Established in Valencia in 2012, Tobacco Premium Club was born as an Agency services, such as Out-sourcing in the tobacco market, due to the growing demand of manufacturers to find a company with great professionals and great experience in this sector. Our mission is the construction and targeting of the brand, with activities focusing on the development and understanding of it.
Our portfolio is composed of individual products in the following market segments:
pipe tobacco, rolling tobacco and cigars.



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ServicesWhat we can do for you?


Field Force

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  • Realization of the highest possible quantitative and qualitative distribution
  • Create brand recognition and brand loyalty.
  • Promotion and sales of products.
  • Realization of new customers.
  • Contacts with clients and the Spanish distributor Logista.
  • Distribution and introduction of new products in tobacco shops.


Sales Analysis

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  • Close follow up of the sales
  • Monthly reports on market sales and development per SKU and per tobacco shop.
  • Quarterly reports on the development of distribution per SKU at the point of sale.
  • Reports of stock position and competitors´ activities.
  • Analysis and controlling of total and provincial distribution in Spain.
  • Information concerning legislation of tobacco trade
  • Budget control.


Marketing Activities

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  • A detailed marketing plan that sets out ideas and innovation
  • Development of a marketing plan in function of the client´s objectives.
  • Implementation of the client´s marketing plan.
  • Provision of promotional material and merchandising to favour brand visibility.
  • Strategic shelf space coordination and negotiation.
  • Volume promotions, also at borders.
  • Campaigns of hostesses and events.
  • Development of graphic material and creation of PLV elements


Strategy and Implementation

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  • The best strategy for acquiring the best results
  • Launching new products in the Spanish market.
  • Minimize out of stock risks by safeguarding stock positions at Logista.
  • Preparation of all necessary documents for launch, promotions and orders.
  • Price-cost evaluations.
  • Customer care and creation of customer loyalty.


Primary Repository

The Framework Convention of the World Health Organization for the control of tobacco in 2003, to which Spain and the European Union are parties, provides that States must adopt the necessary measures to eliminate all forms of illicit trade.

Among the main measures carried out in the European Union in application of the Framework Convention and the Protocol, are the creation of a tobacco traceability system and the incorporation of additional security measures, with the aim of fighting against all kinds of illegal trade, guarantee the safety of consumers and compliance with the provisions of a sanitary, customs, tax nature and the rest of the legal system. To this end, Directive 2014/40/UE2 was approved, which provides in its article 15 for the adoption of a system that will allow the monitoring and tracing of each tobacco container, facilitating the control of the entire supply chain from manufacturing or importation up to the sale to the consumer, passing through the distribution and storage, as well as the control of the manufacturing machines and facilities used or the shipping routes.


The traceability system designed in the Directive is structured as follows:

  1. All packaging units manufactured or marketed in the European Union must be marked with a Unique Identifier.
  2. From the time the product is manufactured until it is made available to the consumer, all movements along the supply chain will be recorded.
  3. All system data will be stored by independent providers in information repositories that will be accessible to public authorities.

Following our commitment to cooperate with the tobacco industry and with the primary objective of helping small manufacturers established outside the European Union, Tobacco Premium Club makes the primary repository available to anyone who needs it, an essential requirement to obtain the installation identification codes, machines and for the packaging units to be able to sell tobacco products in any country of the European Union.

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